Blue Hill Restaurant

It's mad but we toped the Il buco dinner. Last night we ate at Blue Hill Restaurant. I came across this on pims blog.

"with Dan Barber, chef and proprietor of Blue Hill in Manhattan and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills. Stone Barns is only 45 minutes from Manhattan, but it might as well be a whole different universe. A model of self sufficiency and environmental responsibility, Stone Barns is a working farm, ranch, and a three-michelin-star-worthy restaurant. (Note to Michelin: limiting your guide to the five boroughs means you've missed out on perhaps the most interesting and unique restaurant in all of New York.)

Dan's commitment to the environment is well known, but he is hardly a die-hard radical. He is a businessman determined to find a way to be both environmentally and economically sustainable - now that's the way of the future."

We actually wanted to go to Blue Hill farm but then we were running out of time and decided to go to the one on washington place.

Let me tell you we ate the most outstanding food. Here some of the delights we had:

Amuse bouche: a beet root burger, dried rucola with salt, home made butter and something tomato
Beautiful carrots and radish probably marinated in something like salt and lemon water.
With this we got absolutely lovely warm bread sticks.

maine crabmeat

Maine crabmeat, fennel, apple and stone hill barns panther soybeans, apple mustard broth.

beet root

Farona Beets from the farm with local goat cheese, walnut puree, dried fruit and nuts.


This mornings farm egg, foraged mushrooms and stone barn greens.

Wild striped bass, pistou of local vegetables and pureed basil.
With the main course we had a fantastic Delicata and hubard squash puree with honey in it and marinated beets.
Uwe had the lamb from the menu and I still have to find out how it was done.

Passion fruit souffle and passion fruit ice cream.

cheese cake

Steamed cheese cake, dark chocolate, roasted peanuts and and maldon salt.

I had of course the old and new world cheese selection which came with marinated cranberries and portulak.

Blue Hill Restaurant
75, Washington Place
Greenwich Village
New York

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