Tomato time


This is the time of tomatoes. I only eat tomatoes during the summer month (meaning july, august and September). I hate the tomatoes you can buy throughout the year in supermarkets, they taste of nothing. (If I really need tomatoes I buy cherry tomatoes they always have a bit of taste ) If you have ever tasted the ones we can buy on the market in summer you will stop eating the all year ones. We are very lucky here in Bern though, We have one farmer family who started some years ago to re-cultivate old tomato species. They produce up to 50 different variations.
Very sweet ones, lemony ones, soft ones and almost crisp ones. My favourite ones are the "Berner Rosen". An almost pink one. It's incredibly sweet and soft together with buffalo mozzarella, basil and balsamic vinegar it's just heaven.

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SWo @ 14.08.2008 21:09 CET
Yeah! It is Berner Rosen time! Zum Glück hab ich morgen Sitzung in Bern!
zera @ 14.08.2008 21:48 CET
kommst mich besuchen?
miriam @ 17.08.2008 07:15 CET
halte es auch so mit den Tomaten und hab dies Jahr sogar Berner Rosen im Garten
juerg @ 16.09.2008 22:43 CET
na ja, die "schwarzen Prinzen" sollte man nicht vernachlässigen.

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