Spaghetti Verdure and Ginger Lime Scampi

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My ginger and lime scampi are a classic with us by now. Chop lots of garlic, put oil, salt, chili flakes or fresh chili and grated ginger in the frying pan. Sprinkle your scampi with fine cane sugar. Pour contents of pan sizzling hot over your scampi and wait a while before putting them on the grill. Squeeze an entire lime and pour over scampi, - keep an extra lime to squeeze some over your grilled scampi before serving.

brown sugar, garlic, chili, sea salt


There's no way tomatoe spaghetti would've gone with this, - so I tried a fresh, kind of stir fried vegetable sauce to go with the spaghetti for starters instead.

veg and parsley

Chop spring onion, celery, garlic, lemon, mint basil, parsley, baby tomatoes. Heat olive oil with a spoon full of tomatoe puree, add the garlic, stir fry the veg in this, add salt and pepper.

stir fry

the spaghetti

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mayumi @ 18.09.2008 20:24 CET
did you guys think about me?? ;)
zera @ 19.09.2008 20:38 CET
but of course! by the way tonight we are having more of them. When will we eat them together again?
mayumi @ 19.09.2008 21:44 CET
next year!

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