Tomato chutney

Last minute I made my favorite tomato chutney. Usually I make it with "Berner rosen " tomatoes but for them I was too late. The recipe I have from the "Summer" cook book from Oskar Marti also called "chrüteroski"

2 kg peeled tomato cut into cubes ( take out the pips)
500 gr castersugar
15 cloves of garlic crushed
4 dl fruit vinegar
4 ts cili powder
2 ts cumin
1 tbs salt

Cook all together for 1 hour.
Take of the heat ad 4 tbs of fresh cut italian parsley and basil, season with tabasco.
Ad 1 tbs corn flower and fill into hot glasses.

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annet @ 02.02.2009 18:02 CET
hey! bis jetzt habe ich dieses coeur de sel tatsächlich übersehen. fantastic! could you please have swo made a book of it. why don't you just open a restaurant - a zurigo? un abbracio
zera @ 03.02.2009 21:43 CET

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