Mas du Soleilla

Mas Du Soleilla
la clapemas du soleilla

This is where our favourite wine comes from: Mas du Soleilla.

Mas du Soleilla is a 24 hectare estate situated to the east of Narbonne in the small wine producing region of La Clape. Quality conscious viticulture on the part of the owners, close proximity to the Mediterranean sea and high altitude each contribute to produce low-yield, high-quality grapes from twenty year-old vines. Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre and Syrah are the principle varieties grown, although Bourboulenc and Rousanne are also cultivated for white wines. These grapes ripen slowly on gravel and limestone soils before hand-picking.

The key to Mas du Soleilla is where it's located. In close proximity to the Mediterranean, the 19 hectare estate benefits from a combination of 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, and steady, strong winds. The sunshine ripens the Syrah and Grenache to perfection, but the wind keeps things cool, providing for fine acid balance.

We could not say which is our favourite wine from Mas du Soleilla, we love them all: "Les Bartelles" and "Les Chailles" are maybe our favourite but only because the "Terre du vent" and the "Reserve" are way more expensive.

By the way they have a lovely B&B.

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Alan Sullivan @ 07.07.2009 21:21 CET
Before I retired thru' ill health I sold a range of wines from Mas de Soleilla...

Peter and Crista were such lovely people to deal with and their wines magnificent.

My two favs were bartelles 2004, sumptuous, silky and full bodied... Sphinx 2004 100% Roussanne...I am still drinking the white which goes superbly with tapenade and white meat and fish. Just wish I wasn't on my last 12 bottles

Must pay them a visit before too long

Kev @ 08.07.2009 19:23 CET
Nice one Sully - last 12 bottles is a bummer :) Do go again! We had such a great time staying at their BB, but its to long ago, - I SO want to go again. It is beautiful down there.
Serge Lescouarnec @ 21.07.2009 16:26 CET
I have to agree with you.

I sampled three of their wines for the first time last week at a 'Sud de France' tasting in New York and enjoyed the experience.

Would you mind if I used one of your pictures when I write about them on 'Serge the Concierge'?

Take care

'The French Guy from New Jersey'
Kev @ 22.07.2009 17:58 CET
Not at all Serge, go for it.

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