Friday is fish & chips day


Our chips are dead simple to make. Peel and cut potatoes ( same type you would use for mash).
Put on a baking sheet add some oil and into the preheated oven (200° ) . Turn from time to time until golden.
Sprinkle with vinegar and salt for the real uk spirit.

fish and chips

Turn the fish in a batter made of flour, sea salt and  beer. Fry .

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anisha Imhasly @ 01.02.2009 21:42 CET
not that i'm one to argue with an irishman and his potatoes, but: can i just say that i've recently discovered the very best potato variety for those kinds of oven chips: victoria. will never render the chips floury inside (which the mash variety can), but always velvety instead. i usually blanch the sliced potatoes in salted boiling water for about 4 mins before baking in the oven, but i suppose one can get away without it.
kev @ 01.02.2009 22:02 CET
Darlin', - its not about "getting away without it", its about what's most delicious :-) But this post was made by a Swiss gal anyway. We'll just have to taste yours now won't we!

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