My Müsli


I used to hate müsli until recently. Now I really like it . But my müesli is different from regular ones in two ways.
First and most important, it must contain dried blueberries! Did you ever try them? They are fantastic and unfortunately very expensive too. I first had them in the great Hotel Guldsmeden in Daenmark. You can buy them in good whole-food stores. They are sweet and sour in one - just delicious.
Second I always use greek yoghurt. I don't like the thin milky types. And I only eat small portions so I guess it's ok to use the fatty type.
Add a nice crunchy müsli, honey and some fresh berries or fruit et voilà.

le müsli

the blueberry

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anja @ 02.06.2009 10:37 CET
oh, da kommen erinnerungen hoch. kardamili...

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