bali report

Welcome to Bali where the swell is good and the food is cheap and tasty!!!!!

Snapper BBQ  with pimiento lemongrass sauce.

Squid indian oignons. 

coffee or cacao ?

On the way to Ubud the capital of art and food

Spring rolls ,crab cake and randang with white and red rice + a delicious passionfruit tiramisu (sorry,forgot to take picture), everything with the beer for 30sfr. For there its really expensive but it was a incredible restaurant.

Bumbu Bali is one of the best restaurant for balinese food and the chef cook is a suisse guy :) Heinz von Holzen.

Green papaya salade whit shrimps and other stuff.

Randang and squid curry

Snapper in banana leaf with fresh coco, ginger and lemongrass with a chicken lemongrass.

Ku-de-ta is a very styled bar lounge and restaurant in the front of the beach in seminyak. very design and good food.

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Kev @ 25.06.2009 19:03 CET
Hey Julien thanks! So cool :)
zera @ 29.06.2009 20:26 CET
wow looks really nice. What did the kids eat?
julien @ 29.06.2009 22:56 CET
everything (chicken,rice,frenchfries,nazi and bamigoreng) and a lot of chips :)
sooishi @ 14.07.2009 10:09 CET
looks amazing!
Wish to get day
Jules @ 24.11.2011 01:02 CET
Hey! Wow! Traveling to Bali sounds like a dream! I'd have to find a travel agent first. Angie's List has them. ;) Maybe I can find one that's been to Bali so I get the good scoops!

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