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At the moment we rush from work to the nursery then home to play horse-race or pirates. In between we have to do the shopping for dinner. So I'm really very uninspired when it comes to cooking. I'm not good with quick suppers. I lack ideas and maybe a adequate cookbook. It's really a shame because it's summer and one can get all these lovely vegetables and fruit. A quick supper I often do when I'm  fed up with pasta is fresh vietnamese spring rolls.

I was on a business trip to amsterdam last week and had some really nice peanut-sauce in a Indonesian restaurant.
I always serve Nuoc cham dipping sauce with the spring rolls but peanut sauce would go well with the fresh spring rolls too.
I don't really have a recipe so I called julien to give me some ideas what to put in.



I fried some shallot and garlic added the peanut sauce, some cocos milk and the juice of a lime
and seasoned it with Hoisin sauce, sambal olek and Ketchup to give it sweetness.


It turned out nice, not as good as the one in amsterdam though. So I if someone has a tip please let me know.
But it was really nice with the nuoc cham and the spring rolls.

the table is laid

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mayumi @ 01.08.2009 10:00 CET
i also love this peanuts sauce!
julien @ 01.08.2009 11:15 CET
sorry forgot to say , next time put some ketjap manis for the sweetness

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