Easy fish soup

We finally arrived in sardinia for a 3 week holiday. The first few days we did nothing except lazy beach life and quick pasta dinners and the  occasional fish from the grill.
Grill-fish means lots of bones and leftovers. Time for fish stock.
When I got up in the morning,  the house was filled with the smell of simmering stock.

Fish stock:
Throw the left overs from yesterdays fish ( we had spigole ) in a big pan add lot's of water, celery stalks, parsley, laurel, carrots, chill, fennel seeds and onions. Season with pepper and cook for several hours.
Make lot's you can freeze it and use it an other day.

For the soup just ad fennel, onions and celery stalks and season with  salt and pepper. Bring to boil and cook for several minutes, ad fish, mussels and scampis cook till everything is ready.

We served the soup with grilled bread, rouille and aioli.

I did not remember how one makes a proper rouille so I just  pounced  2 chilies, some withe bread that I soaked in milk and some olive oil the mortar. I did not ad garlic. Not that I don't like it but there is plenty of garlic in the aioli and that's enough for me.

The aioli:

Aioli is basically a fresh mayonnaise with lots of garlic in it. What I do is instead of raw garlic I use braised one.
I cook a whole garlic head in a little white wine and vegetable stock in the oven for about 1 hour. For this I use a small oven tray and cover it with aluminum foil.

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