Braided bread

Hard to believe but sometimes cuts are a good thing. We buy our bread from the outstanding "Vechigen Reform" bakery. They do very nice dark and moist bread. Even me who usually prefers white bread can't stop eating it.
But for the weekend brunch I still prefer white bread, better braided bread which is very common in Switzerland.
Since the beginning of the year we try to live on a tight budget. But certain things are easier to abstain from than others. We don't go out for dinner, ok that's a pity but can be done, we found a new everyday wine that costs half as much and is even better that the old one, nice. Kevin tries all the cheap beers at the supermarket... but I am not ready to do without organic food I realized. (I know here one could economize a lot ). When I realized that Vechigen Braided bread costs 8€ I knew I had to start baking again because I really don't like the supermarket alternative.
Now 3/4 of a year later I am quite proud of my "Zopf" as we call this type of bread. In the beginning it was to dense and never salty enough. Now it's fluffy and salty. The clue is I let it rest for the night which means that I have to make the dough Friday evening which usually is quite tough after a week of work. But Saturday morning, when the smell of fresh bread is in the house, all the hassle is forgotten, and we happily eat the still warm bread.

1 kg "Zopfmehl" 90% all purpose flour 10% spelt flour
4 tbs salt
42 gr fresh yeast dissolved with 2 tbs sugar
160 gr unsalted butter at room temperature
5 dl milk
1 eggs

Mix flour and salt. Add the rest and knead very well. With the occasional beating.

Let it rest during the night. Make the braid and brush with egg .
Bake for 40 minutes on 220°

By the way the bread lies on Banksy's fantastic book " Wall and Piece" 

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