Nigel Slater "Tender"

I just bought the new cookbook from Nigel Slater and adore it. All about vegetables in the kitchen and in the garden. The perfect book for a cook with his own vegetable patch like myself.
It's the first cookbook I read like a book. I like the way he writes, the stories on his garden and his experiences as a gardener.  His cooking I always loved, healthy, down to earth food made with lot's of passion.
The book is full of beautiful pictures by Jonathan Lovekin. No doubt this is my cook book of the year.

"Tender is the story of my vegetable patch, how it came to be and what I grow in it. The book is published in two volumes, vegetables and fruit. Nearly a thousand pages in length and taking five years to write, Tender is a memoir, a study of fifty of our favourite vegetables, fruits and nuts and a collection of over five hundred recipes. Photographed, as all of my books, by Jonathan Lovekin in my own kitchen a metre away from the vegetable patch. Volume One is out now, Volume Two is to be published in 2010. For more details, click below."

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