montgomerycheaddarfreshly baked bread
fish terrinevacherin
olive tapenadekiwi jam
salmonsoft boilled eggs
cucumbersblack tea

I love to brunch. Saturday and sunday noon we sit down for a extended brunch. Nice food and good music.
The table is right next to the turntables so during our meals music and food always sort of mixes.
This was a pretty extensive one, but it's christmas so we are excused ;-) Not on the pictures but a must are fried pasta with soy sauce and onion rings. Always good but essential after the good bottle of red wine we had the evening before. I wasn't fast enough to take the picture, our boy was already eating them.

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Sweet Freak @ 06.02.2010 14:52 CET
It's the little things in life, right??

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