Fannys lemon cake and our new KitchenAid

I was yearning for this for so long -  a kitchen aid. You probably all know the discussions, how many kitchenware does one need? Do you have a juicer? I have. It uses a lot of shelf space and takes way to long to clean. I even have a cutter and a raclette oven oh and of course a toaster, everybody does no? Almost forgot the steamer I hardly ever use for the same reason as the juicer. And I had a mixer which broke down recently and brought up the whole kitchen aid issue again. Because actually I decided to restrain the kitchen aid.
So what happened? Since the day the mixer broke down I was looking for a new one with the same power as my old turmix one. My turmix was a two in one, you cold use it as a mixer but it also had a very good puree stick.
Of course I was (again) tempted but decided that it's to expensive and that we don't really have space for a kitchen aid. So I went to town on a grey saturday to buy a new mixer only to meet a very nice saleslady who explained, very plausible, why I actually need a kitchen aid and a puree stick. That was more than I could take, gone were all the good resolutions .... so here I am,  a proud and happy kitchen aid ( and a puree stick) owner.
If you now think I 'm a boring person because I choose the white one,I have to tell you that this color was on sale so at least  there I saved a bit of money.

How is it? I did not really have time to experiment so far, but my Friday bread is peanuts with a little help by our kitchen aid.

Today finally I found time to bake something different than zopf. Fanny gave me the inspiration with her last blog post :

Be kind, rewind - cake weekend au citron et confit de clémentines à la vanille.

Here's the making off, oh and strongly I recommend you take your time to make this lovely cake too. It's delicious, especially the confit de clémentines, I could eat the whole pot right away.

I've never seen a batter like this before so light and fluffy after only 3 minutes in kitchen aid :-) I'm looking forward to my next pavlova thats gonna be a totally new experience.The next step and actual goal is MACARONS.
I only have to buy an oven thermometer and good food coloring.

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Stefan @ 03.02.2010 15:24 CET
Krass! (auch etwas Neid...)
Zigo @ 03.02.2010 16:57 CET
Congrats. Welcher Pürrierstab ist denn angesagt? Bitte bitte Thread auf Privat stellen. Sonst steht bei uns auch bald eine ;-)
Anja @ 05.02.2010 19:27 CET
Extrem Neid;)

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