Melanzane parmiggiana oven dish

In Sardinia again, she is not eating fish, I'm not eating meat it seems this is unintended vegetarian holiday.
At least till the weather is good enough to start the grill.
In summer we don't get much nice veggies here but it's spring now we can buy things like artichokes, asparagus and most of all fave - my all time favorite vegetable.
Yesterday we tried this very nice Melanzane parmiggiana oven dish from jamies italian cookbook.


3 eggplants
1 onion peeled and cut
1 garlic glove finely sliced
1 tsp dried oregano
800 gr ripe tomatoes deseeded and skinned or tinned ones
sea salt and black pepper
Little wine vinegar
1 handful fresh basil
4 handful fresh grated parmigiano
2 handful bread crumbs mixed with a little fresh oregano

Slice the eggplants (1cm slices). Make a tomato sauce with the onion, oregano, garlic and the tomatoes and let it simmer for 10 - 20 minutes.
Grill the eggplants, preferably on a grill or a grill pan without using olive oil.

In a ovenproof dish layer the ingredients starting with the tomato sauce, followed by little parmigiano, and then the eggplants. Continue in this order. Finish with a good handful of parmigiano and the bread crumbs.

Cook for 30min in the preheated oven ( 190° ).

Jamies italy is an inspiring cookbook. Quite a few simple and fast dishes that can be done , even if one, once again,  comes home to late from the beach or the playground or the garden or... What I always like with jamies recipes that they give you a basic idea with which you can play around and make your own dish.

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