Fresh tomato sauce

Now is the time I have to eat my yearly ratio of tomato. I only eat tomatoes during the hot summer month when they are ripe and sweet and smell beautifully. One of the favorite summer dishes is a simple tomato sauce.
We are lucky here, we get almost 20 different tomatoes types during the summer. Big ones, tiny ones, red, green, yellow and even burgundy ones.

As I said if you can't get hold of these perfect summer tomatoes don't even think of doing a fresh tomato sauce - use tinned ones instead.

2 sliced onions
2 garlic gloves
a handful of capers
10 black olives
all kind of different tomatoes 5-6 depending on the size
fresh basil
dried italian herbs
1/2 buffala mozzarella

Slowly fry the onions and garlic in a good dash of olive oil. Add the capers, tomatoes and the olives.
Season. Let cook for approximately 20 min. Add the fresh basil and if you like some buffalo mozzarella ( this does not look very elegant but tastes pretty good). Mix with the pasta and serve.

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