Fussy kids - a good read by Alex Renton

For a long time I wanted to share this with you. When every I fell totally guilty again for our boys eating habits I read it.

It's just from A-Z how our culinary life with our son is like. Only for Alex Rentons son it's not the pasta but the cheese.

I strongly recommend you read this extremly funny article from Alex Renton in the food monthly June 2006 ( when I read this first I did not know what was waiting for me).

"What do you give the boy who doesn't like anything - except cheese?
Even the children of foodies need to be coaxed into trying something new, but how do you whet young appetites? Alex Renton takes seven-year-old Adam to the supermarket with his own basket and the pick of the aisles"

read the full article here

or if your to busy here are my 3 favorite quotes:

"But when Adam and I first sat down with a plate of boiled lobster that we'd caught and cooked together, he said 'Yuk!' without even trying it. I thought I might cry. If he'd come home with Black Sabbath tattoos, newly baptised into the Church of Beelzebub, it could hardly have been worse."

"While we were there, though, I managed to lose his trust in me, forever, as far as food is concerned. One day at a Thai restaurant table, when he was four or five, I offered him money if he'd just try something Thai and tasty. He remembers the event well - 'the day you made me drink the fish sauce'. Stupid Dad. His reaction was spectacular - he threw up all over the table. Who wouldn't? Now, if I offer him an olive or an anchovy, a macadamia nut or a piece of 70 per cent cocoa chocolate, and tell him it's just delicious, he'll go: 'Oh, no, I don't think so! Nice try, Dad.' I'm not catching him out again. "

"Or, as happened last winter, when the narrow list of foodstuffs he will eat with enthusiasm actually contracts. That was a bad time. Fish fingers, chicken breast and scrambled eggs all departed the menu in the space of a few weeks, and the only meat or fish protein left was little Piglet-pink Richmond sausages. But we bounced back, with Marks & Spencer's breaded chicken goujons (that's posh nuggets), boiled eggs (yolks only) and canned tuna. You keep trying, you don't give up, you're positive, encouraging and you offer variety without pressure. You keep your temper, you try to get off his case. But how we miss those fish fingers - and I never thought I'd find myself saying that."

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lulu @ 05.01.2011 15:32 CET
what a lovely article! has he written anything else, like a book?
zera @ 05.01.2011 15:39 CET
don't think so :-(

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