Miracles can happen

Mister super fussy did help his dad with cooking yesterday ( something he likes ) just before he had to go to bed. He stirred the soy sauce into the fried onions and shiitake mushrooms and I could se his face when the beautiful smell filled the kitchen - surprise!

While putting on pijamas he told me that he wold love to eat dinner with us - that it smelled so nice and the poached egg looked so yummy. No question, for eating, I let my boy stay up till midnight ;-) of course he added that he would not eat mushrooms and avocado. And so he sat with us and happily snacked from our rice dinner. Mean as I am sneaked in some tiny avocado bits. Funny thing is he really likes cilantro - always did.

For lunch he wanted the same again . Rice with soy sauce, cucumber, poached egg and lot's of cilantro. Oh and because he's not stupid he said if we would have had avocado he would only have eaten it cut into tiny bits.

The friends did like it to0.

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anja @ 05.01.2011 10:38 CET
:-))) Great!
andrea @ 06.01.2011 16:21 CET
super, dann essen wir am freitag alles zusammen, mit den kids ;-)

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