Yesterdays Dinner: Beetroot soup and Flammkuchen

Yesterdays dinner was so nice I have to write it down so I don't forget to do it more often. It's quick and easy ( if you buy ready made dough for the flammkuchen).

Beetroot soup with thyme and creme fraiche.

Flammkuchen with creme fraiche, goats cheese, thyme, onions and honey.

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lejoe @ 07.01.2011 09:19 CET
Awesome! What kind of dough did you take? Do you know a place where they have special flammkuchen dough in Switzerland or is that pizza dough?
zera @ 07.01.2011 09:31 CET
in coop ! Bigger ones like st annahof ( I think that's what it's called in zürich )

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