Beetroot marinated salmon with 2 kinds of beetroot

It looks like this was the ultimate beetroot weekend. We had our annual coeur de sel xmas dinner and even though 2 people claimed they don't like beetroot my part of the menu planning involved nothing but beetroot. Lucky me, both dishes very so  delicious them people forgot they din't like beetroot.
After yesterdays Mackerel with caramelized beetroot we today had salmon marinated  ( overnight ) in beetroot and orange zest accompanied with caramelized beetroot salad and a beetroot and port-wine dressing.
The dish is also from Aikens fish book It's not difficult at all but the salmon needs to be marinated over night and the kitchen get quire messy with all this different beetroot dishes.

I'm not gonna write down the recipe it's to0 complicated and by now you should know that you need the book,  it's worth every penny!

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