Je sais cuisiner pour mes doudous

"Je sais cuisiner pour mes doudous" is the name of the book that brought peace and hope back into our kitchen, and this only one week after the total food crisis. Last week my son made me completely loose my temper. I told him I would never again cook for him, that he would have to cook his dinner by himself and so on. What happened ? Nothing particularly dramatic just sometimes I just can't bear his fussiness anymore. He said something like he can't eat the carrot because it has globule in it and I totally freaked out.
In Paris I came across this book and I thought it might be a good idea to get him his own cookbook. The book is about cooking for your toys. Packed with seasonal recipes kids can easily cook. Heres how our kitchen looked the day after I came back from Paris.

We celebrated little monkeys birthday with little burgers filled with quail eggs, parmesan cheese, parsley and mayonnaise.

and for pudding we had milkshake!

one of little monkeys friends ate so much he fell asleep at the table!

Buy the book it's great (  and french ;-) ) HERE

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annet @ 29.01.2011 18:29 CET
shane is the chief! chief cook at least.. looking forward to monday!
andrea @ 30.01.2011 18:10 CET
hey, das sieht toll aus! well done, shane! and zera!

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