Vietnamese Street kitchens

The reason why it's been so quiet around here is because we were traveling through vietnam for the last six weeks.
The vietnamese kitchen is one of my favorites, I love phơ the light and very fragrant soup you get at every corner, he way they use all these different fresh herbs, the hot pots and crabs ... heaven !
Ever since I first visited hanoi I fell in love with the many street kitchens but I always hesitated a bit to eat on the street. Foremost because we don't eat meat. This time we were determined to try all the little street kitchens. With hands to point at stuff and a little note book with all the important food words noted, it turned out not to difficult to avoid all the meat. Of course we made an exception for the chicken stock used in all the delicious soups.

Some of these kitchens are not bigger than a little fire pot, a pan and some plates and bottles, some are portable - others are only late at night and some are  just for the workers at a building site. Sometimes we wondered if vietnamese people cook at home-  it seems they all eat on the streets.

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Stefan @ 07.12.2011 09:58 CET
Yeah! Looks great and nice Logo!

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