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I don't know about you, but our bookshelf is overflowing with cookbooks (ok to be fair it's primarily overflowing with Records).
Anyway, there's a certain amount of guilt involved when I buy a new cookbook because I know there's books and books with uncooked recipes at home. I've read all my cookbooks but I could probably cook for the rest of my life with the recipes I have sitting on the shelves.

I want to try out the recipes, but when we have guests I most of the time prefer to cook something I've done before because I'm more relaxed and this means I actually spend more time with our guests. Working close to 100% I don't just cook something new on a Wednesday, foremost because my cookbooks are at home ( most of them ) and I am in the office.

This is why myself and few girlfriends started Monday Classes. Once a month we meet to cook from our cookbooks. We try new recipes and techniques, we drink and chat and sometimes we even knit.

Here I will share impressions and let you know which recipes and books are worth buying and trying.

We started in January with the Ottolenghi. This was on the menu:

Bittersweet salad  (Plenty page 162) and green pancakes with lime butter (Plenty page 150). For dessert we had an apple crumble.

M Januar

B Januar
The salad looks lovely and tastes nice and bitter. The rose water gives it a nice unexpected twist.

bittersweet salad

The green pancakes are proper comfort food perfect for a weekday dinner or a light summer dinner eaten on the balcony after a long and sunny day. The lime butter that goes with is is delicious and I will use it for other dishes as well. It's actually worth having a pot stored in the refrigerator…

grenn pancakes

A very good looking light dinner .

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