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Monday classes returns, as Umi is back from her two month stay in Japan! So our first session back in May was dedicated to the Japanese kitchen.
Since some of us don't like raw fish too much, we went for veggie dishes. Umi had the lead and dinner turned out amazing.

We made tempura, something I was desperate to learn since a long time, carrot tuna salad, edamame, salad and pickles. For dessert we had watermelon gelatin und a green tea crème brûlée.

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ga @ 24.05.2014 11:42 CEST
bony @ 11.09.2014 10:40 CEST
palazzo Year 2012 has been quite eventful. SRSG also witnessed events and evolved in terms of business verticals, technologies, people and processes."
Ronne @ 11.09.2014 10:41 CEST
gatorboard vs foam core
Wow... the perfect time to begin the lentils… having been hogged for non veg dishes, I could not resist the whole lentils. Here we get to see the preparation of tempura, an exclusive vegetarian dish for all the veggie lovers.

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