Mondays classes - summer edition

The june edition of our Monday classes looked like it would be a difficult one. Shortly before the summer holidays. The weeks days packed with school theaters and such. We were all to busy to look at cookbooks. With a garden full of berries I wanted to do some interesting jams but realized that I don't have any good recipes to try.
Funny enough this turned out to be one of the best monday classes yet. I finally learned to make a decent cazpacio, we discovered smitten kitchen's lovely onion tart made a lentil berry salad and we found the best every berry tart ( thanks to nigel slater ) only oscar martis sweet apricot knödel weren't really worth the effort.
But this was maybe because we only ate them the next day.
We also preserved lemons but they are not yet ready to use.

The recipe for this cazpacio, and the two tarts in the next post.

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