The focus was once again on the single dishes and not on the whole so we ended up with a rather funny menu:

Sweet potato and fig salad ( ottolenghi “jerusalem” )
Baked pumpkin with orange zest & bred crumbs ( nigel slater “tender” )
Paratha flat bread filled with potatoes and coriander

So all in all a very earthy and also a very spicy evening, since every single dish had fresh chilies in it. But not bad at all!

The star of the evening was certainly ottolenghis Sweet potato and fig salad with spring onions, chilies and reduced balsamic vinegar.

Indian flat bread is something one should make more often. We made paratha with a filling of mashed potatoes, chilies  and coriander.
Accompanied with a salad this would be a very nice dinner on it's own.

The third dish was baked butternut squash with breadcrumbs, rosemary, chilies  and orange zest.

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