Cook through your books - June

Our june session was spanish themed. The Moro cookbooks are on heavy rotation since their rediscovery last month.
Wisely enough I took them along to the beach the day before and we had all the time to come up with something.
A lot of inspiration though came from the things growing on the fields on our way to the beach - artichokes!
Amazingly beautiful and you could self pick them for only  3.- each :-)

The menu :

- Potato cucumber and fava bean soup ( moro the cook book)
a cold and very nice soup, perfect for hot summer days.

- Artickoes and peas with oloroso sherry (casa moro )
Hard work but nice for example as part of a tapas dinner

- Calamares rellenos de carlos ( moro the cook book)
Calamares stuffed with boiled eggs and herbs - yummy!

What else could be for dessert than
- Churros con chocolate ( moro the cook book)
Mine did not have the right consistency and it was very hard to get them through a piping bad. I will have to try again. The taste tough was perfect and the cardamom spiced chocolate sauce to go with them was the perfect match.

Dinner was eaten on the balcony, late like it's supposed to be in summer. Lot's of good wine and laughter were involved to. I hope this very bad weather we have at the moment is soon over and we are back to a hot and long summer with good drinks and spanish food on the balcony.

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