Italian Summer B'day Bash

September is the busiest month for us. All the work related travels, the upcoming family holidays and of course THE birthday party for our son.
We have thrown crazy kids parties, but this year we did not have to much time for preparations.
The weather was supposed to be good and we wanted to have a last summer party.
I think we came up with some very funny ideas that were actually not to much work.
Instead of several cakes I decided to make popsicles.  I wanted something that is fun for the kids, something they can eat plenty without going to wild on sugar and formost something I could prepare in advance.
Popsicles can be so easy, different sorts of sirup are already perfect! Mango lassie or chocolate drink from the supermarket work perfect too. Don't invest your time in the ingredients instead come up with fun ways to freeze and decorate them.
If, like me , you one have one popsicle mould you have to start a few weeks in advance, but it's really not much work and you can only take them out of the freezer on the day and voila!



Bdaybash9  042-1

With the popsicles ready in the freezer I had time to come up with some other fun thing for the feast.
Food wise I think this was our most successful b'day party, the kids just loved it.

Bdaybash9  102-1

Bdaybash9  103

Bdaybash9  108-1

Bdaybash9  138

Of course we had a cake too :-)

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