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We have Exiting news: Coeur de Sel is featured in a new cookbook. The book is called "Das grosse Familien Kochbuch" by Julia Hofer (AT Verlag).

Familienkochbuch  001

I like the book's approach: modern families (with working parents) are busy and cooking a decent maybe even healthy meal every evening is difficult. The basic idea is you cook once and eat twice. It's packed with recipes that, with a twist, turn into something a little different the other day. Like making enough risotto one night so you can have risotto fritters (the best!) the next evening. It's also packed with kids kitchen experiments, like making your own nutella, or home made pasta and there are a lot of kids and food related interviews in it too.

Familienkochbuch  004

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm an almost full-time working mum and how to arrange career and family is is a hot topic for me.
So I was happy to contribute my favourite cake, the layered show off cake, to this book. You will also find an interview with me on how we live with our fussy eater.

Familienkochbuch  002

Familienkochbuch  003

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