A double recommendation : Passioned green tea whiskey & Lady and Pups

My favourite Food blog of the 2014 was definitely ladyandpups.com and I strongly recommend you to keep an eye on it. It's funny, unusual, has great pictures and nice recipes.
"An angry food blog - home cooking with extreme prejudice" it's says on top of the page, sounds go too me.
I could do with a lot more food blogs that talk about kitchen disasters, headaches and midlife crises !

We had her  "Passioned green tea whiskey " on one of the last days of the year  - good stuff you should give it a go to.

Endoftheyeardrinks  003

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Nettie C. Bolin @ 30.03.2015 14:15 CEST
i am very glad to read this. thanks
beauty girls

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