Festive kitchen experiments

New cookbooks , time and a good reason.
I decided to try some new things over the holidays . Nothing overly exciting came out of it but I learned a few new things and had good fun in the kitchen.

I cooked from the Relae cookbook : Pickled Mackerel with lemon skin puree and Cauliflower mash.
The mackerel was nice and and the preparation totally new to me , so was the lemon skin puree.
The Cauliflower mash was not our thing at all all ...

Also on the menu were the stuffed onions from Ottolenghis and sami tamimis Book "Jerusalem" they were nice but but consistency was way to soggy. I  will give them an other go with a different, firmer rice.

With the jewish menu choice I pleased the mother in law more than the husband ... the red bitter salad with oranges he hated which I should have known. Sweet stuff in salads is a no go with him.
But when it was time for the christmas pudding, ruhm and  soul 7" we were all happy.

Here some impressions:

Xmas214 005

Xmas214 018

Xmas214 021

Xmas214 027-2

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