Quick asian something


This is one of our basics. Fast and delicious, perfect for one of the way to many working days when supper has to be quick. It turns out different every time depending on what is around.

There are a few basics though:

Brown rice
Salmon ( could also be mackerel or eel )
Soya sauce
Hoisin sauce
Sesame oil

Cook the rice, fry the salmon and the onions, cut the cucumber and the avocado into cubes, mix everything together, season with some sesame oil, serve in a big bowl.
Now that's fast isn't it?

Beautiful additions to this dish:

Fresh shiitake mushrooms ( almost a must ) fried
Fresh lime to season
Auster sauce
Thai basil
China cabbage and carrots fried

The sauces go wonderfully with this dish but be careful not to put to much into it, otherwise it get's slimy as my husband said yesterday.... charming isn't he?


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