Spring vegetable stew with fregola sardo



An other veggie day today. Again adapted from jamies italian cookbook. A stew of fave beans, peas, spinach, leek and artichokes.
Cook you artichokes, preferably small violet ones, take off the outer leaves cut into half's and take out thin white "hair".  Blanch your fave beans in salted water for 1 minutes, then blanch the leek for 3-4 minutes, and then the spinach. You can do this in the same boiling water, using a big spoon. Boil the peas in broth for ten minutes.
MIx all together and cook on low heat for 10minutes. Add a good handful of chopped parsley and fresh mint. Season with salt, pepper and a dash of good olive oil.

Eventually you can add some lemon zest or smokes ham or tuna, that could be nice too.

Serve mixed with fresh pasta.


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Fish pie "irish craving"


One of our favorite winter dishes. Comfort food, simple, sometimes we eat it straight out of the pot. Perfect  after a windy day in the garden or even better at the beach ( why o why do I live in switzerland ?) . Unbelievable, but it's more than 4 years that we have not been to ireland.  How could that happen?


600 gr smoked haddock , I buy it frozen sometimes you have to ask your fishmonger for it because they don't have it on display.
2 cups peas frozen, fresh or in the glass
1 big onion
Potato mash, I like it fast so I usually take the organic instant one. But if I have time I make fresh mash.
5 dl Milk
1 Bay-leave

Slowly fry the onion till soft and golden, ad the peas cover with vegetable stock and let it simmer till the peas are cooked. Season with salt and pepper.
Put the fish, 2, 5 dl milk and the bay leave in a big sauce pan. Ad some water just as much to cover the fish. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. Take the fish out and carefully remove all the bones and the skin. But pack into the sauce ad the parley.

Make the mash. Don't forget to season with nutmeg.

I put everything in a big pot ( you can also use an oven tray ). Tart with the peas, then the fish with the sauce. The last layer is the mash.

Cook in the preheated oven for approximately 1 hour.  220°.






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Spring vegetable stew with fregola sardo
Risotto with fresh peas
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Risotto with fresh peas


300 gr fresh peas
1 spring onions
a hand full of mint leaves
good quality risotto rice (I prefer carnaroli type)
2 gloves of garlic
vegetable stock
a hand full of basil leaves
1 dl noilly prat vermouth
50 gr parmesan
lemon zest
maldon salt

Cook the peas with a hand full of mint leaves and  one whole garlic in salt water till al dente.
Drain peas, mint and garlic and keep aside 1,5 l of the water. Set aside.


Fry the spring onion, the chopped garlic and the rice in a big lump of butter. Add a bit of the vegetable stock and stir. Continue stirring always adding vegetable stock when needed.


When almost al dente add 2/3 of the peas.
Mix the remaining peas, the  mint, garlic and the pea liquid in a food processor.

Continue stirring, add 1 dl vermouth, the mixed peas.
When al dente ad the chopped basil leaves, 50 gr grated parmesan and an other lump of butter. Stir to incorporate the flavours. Season with black pepper, lemon zest and  maldon sea salt.

This recipe is inspired by the great "Rivercafe cook book Green"


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