Culinary travels: cote d'ivoire and west africa

Culinary travels finally took us to west africa. Shane was longing since long time to go there but my deficient knowledge of the african kitchen detained me.
Internet research tough me that fufu is the thing one eats in west africa.
For a start we went shopping to the local african food store timezone. Timezone was a nice discovery for me too, I have passed that shop plenty of times but it looks like a hair extension shop from the outside, I the back hidden from the street is a food corner with several huge fridges filled with fresh smoked fish. The smell in the shop is incredibly ( fishy ) definitely nothing for wimps. Next to some root vegetables and plantains they have also a huge selection of dried fish and shrimps :-)

We had a good look at everything bought some plantains, fufu flour, palm juice for kevin and plantain chips. Before leaving we asked the african lady to explain us how to cook fufu, and of we went.

Back home we did some more research:

Our menu we agreed on would be fufu with peanut soup ( recipe from the internet ), and fried plantains.

We all had no clue what to expect and were really pleased with the result - I think it's not the last time we had fufu and next time we gonna do it the real way!

Here's the recipe from the congocookbook:

Peanut Soup

Various peanut soups are common throughout Africa. Some are very simple, others more elaborate. They are often eaten as a main course along with Rice, or one of the Fufu-like staples: Baton de Manioc, Fufu, or Ugali.

What you need

two or three cups chicken broth or chicken stock
one small onion, minced
one small sweet green pepper (or bell pepper), minced
one clove of garlic, crushed (optional)
salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper or red pepper (to taste)
one hot chile pepper, minced (optional)
one carrot, chopped fine or one sweet potato or yams, boiled and mashed (optional)
one or two tomatoes, chopped or canned tomatoes (optional)
one cup natural unsweetened peanut butter (or make your own peanut paste, see the simple peanut soup recipe below)
What you do

If using homemade peanut paste, simmer it with the broth for fifteen minutes, then add all other ingredients and simmer over low heat until everything is thoroughly cooked. Stir often. Soup should be thick and smooth.
If using peanut butter: Combine all ingredients except the peanut butter and simmer over medium heat until everything is tender. Reduce heat, add the peanut butter and simmer for a few minutes more. Stir often. Soup should be thick and smooth.

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