Early morning quince pickle

My boy got up way to early for me today. We went out eating crepes and drinking too much cider from bowls last night.
These are the mornings I have to keep myself busy doing something I like, otherwise I get really upset and can't think of anything else but our warm and cosy bed.
So while he happily did some drawings I made this ( nigel slater inspired ) quince pickle at 8.30am. I have to admit the smell of vinegar so early in the morning can be difficult.

3 - 4 middel sized quinces
750 ml cidre vinegar
400 gr brown sugar
10 juniper berries
8 black peppercorns
1 bay leaf

Peel the quinces deseed and cut into slices ( Approx. 8 per quince).
Bring the vinegar, sugar and the spices to boil. Take down the heat, ad the quinces and let them simmer in the vinegar for 20 - 20 minutes.
When they are soft but not to soft teak them out and but into a jar, add the vinegar.

Can be kept in the fridge for several weeks.

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Quince jam with vanilla


Even though the weather is still like summer ( 20 ° Wednesday evening ) , there's no doubt that autumn is here. Our neighbours did harvest all the quinces from the tree between our gardens. There's always plenty of recipes I would love to try with quinces I usually just do jam. And that's exactly what I did yesterday evening.

It was one of these superwoman days that unfortunately are very rare. After bringing our boy to the nursery, working 8 hours and doing the shopping for the weekend I went home and cooked dinner for our boy. Since he basically only likes pasta, chocolate, corn-flakes and raw vegetables we often cook separately for him. Fusili, spinach and artichokes. He did eat it!
We had linguine with figs and chilli and artichokes after he went to bed. After dinner I baked bread and still had the energy to make the quince jam! I wish I always had that amount of energy.
After last year's disappointment with mould on the jam after 2 month I decided to use way more sugar.
It turned out very nice but strangely the jam is yellow and not orange as usually.


Here my recipe:
Peel 1 kg ripe quinces remove the core and cut into quarters. Cook with 3 dl water and 800gr sugar in a shallow pan for approximately 30 minutes.
Puree put back into the pan and slowly bring to boil. Ad 2dl apple-juice a dash of lemon and 2 teaspoon of the best bourbon vanilla.
Immediately fill into hot glasses.

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Early morning quince pickle
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