red currant and flat peaches jelly

I'm in love with that jelly and the color of this blog post !
My red currant are a late variety which is great because they are ripe when my japanese raspberries are and there's nothing better than a greek yoghurt with these two berries and lots of runny honey.
But usually have enough to make some jam.
This jelly has a gorgeous color, and goes well with toast or cheese.

You'll need:

  • 500gr red currant
  • tiny bit of water
  • 400 gr sugar
  • 3 flat peaches cut into dices
  • pectin

Put the fruits, still clinging to their stalks,and the peaches into a deep stainless steel pan. Pour over a tiny bit of water, really only to cover the bottom of the pot, then add the sugar.
Stir from time to time and make sure you boil them no longer than 8 minutes. Otherwise you you'll spoil the flavor. Add some pectin according to the package instructions. Pour in a fine sive or a jam bag and leave until all the juices have dripped through. Don't press the fruit the or the jam will become cloudy.
Sterilize the jars with boiling water and dry in the oven. It's worth being very careful with this or your jam is not going to preserve for very long.
Fill the jelly into the jars.

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