Fannys lemon cake and our new KitchenAid

I was yearning for this for so long -  a kitchen aid. You probably all know the discussions, how many kitchenware does one need? Do you have a juicer? I have. It uses a lot of shelf space and takes way to long to clean. I even have a cutter and a raclette oven oh and of course a toaster, everybody does no? Almost forgot the steamer I hardly ever use for the same reason as the juicer. And I had a mixer which broke down recently and brought up the whole kitchen aid issue again. Because actually I decided to restrain the kitchen aid.
So what happened? Since the day the mixer broke down I was looking for a new one with the same power as my old turmix one. My turmix was a two in one, you cold use it as a mixer but it also had a very good puree stick.
Of course I was (again) tempted but decided that it's to expensive and that we don't really have space for a kitchen aid. So I went to town on a grey saturday to buy a new mixer only to meet a very nice saleslady who explained, very plausible, why I actually need a kitchen aid and a puree stick. That was more than I could take, gone were all the good resolutions .... so here I am,  a proud and happy kitchen aid ( and a puree stick) owner.
If you now think I 'm a boring person because I choose the white one,I have to tell you that this color was on sale so at least  there I saved a bit of money.

How is it? I did not really have time to experiment so far, but my Friday bread is peanuts with a little help by our kitchen aid.

Today finally I found time to bake something different than zopf. Fanny gave me the inspiration with her last blog post :

Be kind, rewind - cake weekend au citron et confit de clémentines à la vanille.

Here's the making off, oh and strongly I recommend you take your time to make this lovely cake too. It's delicious, especially the confit de clémentines, I could eat the whole pot right away.

I've never seen a batter like this before so light and fluffy after only 3 minutes in kitchen aid :-) I'm looking forward to my next pavlova thats gonna be a totally new experience.The next step and actual goal is MACARONS.
I only have to buy an oven thermometer and good food coloring.

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Tangerine jam
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Tangerine jam

I don't like to admit it, but our boy is very picky when it comes to food. He always was like this, he hated the first ever mash ( it was carrot ) we made him. Today he could live from pasta and parmesan cheese. Vegetables he likes as long as we don't cook them. Risotto is fine but please no rice! Strangely enough he loves salad, asparagus  and artichokes ( the later ones cooked ). But fruits are basically a no go. Apples sometimes and tangerines.
For christmas we wanted to make some kitchen gifts for friend and family, jams are easy and nice but apple jam? So we were left with tangerine. In my cookbooks I couldn't find a single tangerine jam recipe and on the internet I found several, all totally different. So I decided to do a bit of a freestyle. Tangerine juice cooked with a bit of cinnamon and some tangerine voila.  Let me tell you the result is just delicious! We've already eaten 3 pots and made a second load.


2- 3 Kg Tangerines  should give you 1l of tangerine juice
1 Cinnamon stick
800 - 1000 gr sugar
1 Lemon
1/2 tangerin zested

Peel the tangerines and juice them in a juicer. Bring to boil ( together with the cinnamon ) in a pan with a heavy bottom. Let it cook for several minutes. Add the sugar and the pectin according to the package instructions. Every gelling agent  need a different procedure it seems. Add the juice of the lemon and the zest and fill into the warm glasses.

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Fannys lemon cake and our new KitchenAid
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