Chawan mushi

 chawan mushi -茶碗蒸し-

mix egg and dashi well and steam.
with maschroom and shrimp Ankake sauce. (thickened with powdered kuzu)
make cold body warm.

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Fish soup


With all the leftovers from yesterdays grill evening we had plenty of material to recycle. Boiled with bay-leaves, celeriac, fennel, white wine and pepper corns they made a fantastic broth.
On their last evening in sardinia fire and marianne made a delicious fish soup for us.


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Udon noodles soupe


Udon noodles soupe with vegetables, fried tofu and beef marinated in coconut cream, peanut butter sambal oelek, soja and sugar.

Some mint on the top to refresh and that's it !!!

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