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Cook through your books – April

Wow – it’s been a while! Not that we have not been cooking and eating here at Coeur de Sel but I do admit that I have not been to keen on trying new things. New projects, the garden and quite a lot of travelling,…

Kitchen Books

Just recently I read the following kitchen books. So if you are in the mood for some food stories read these: Anthony Bourdain: Geständnisse eines Küchenchefs Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain “Kitchen Confidential is for diners who believe that their sublime sliver of seared foie…

Nigel Slater – The kitchen diaries

The latest addition to my cook book collection. A must have! Voted the best cook book 06. I have almost all of Nigels cook books – he is great. This one is made like a diary very nicely written and full of simple recipes.