Christmas pudding

For pudding we had the christmas pudding from uwe. We never had this before so we were quite nervous when we toke it out of the “bain marie” after two hours of cooking.

After you put it over to ad the brand and flambé it. This is quite tricky because it should “burn” for more than some seconds and the flame should be all over the cake.

As you can see we managed. You serve it with brand butter and it is absolutely delicious!

This is the one we got: Coles English Privilege Christmas Pudding – A luxury pudding with a distinct flavour. Made by stirring the liquid ingredients of ‘Old Growler’ (the award winning Suffolk ale), pure orange juice and fresh lemon juice into a blend of succulent vine fruits, ground almonds, brown sugar and fresh breadcrumbs.

The most exquisite of puddings designed to give pleasure by combining whisky, Madeira, sherry and strong English ale with a balance of fruits, nuts and select ingredients.