Dinner at Nobu

avocado tempurasashimi salad
new style sashimimiso cod

crab sushi

Since years I wanted to go to Nobu but sort off never really managed to go there. Mainly because I never think enough ahead to book a table and second because I was not sure how expensive it exactly is.
Thankfully uwe came up with the idea to go there for kevin’s birthday.
I guess I don’t have to mention that I had high expectations – but I can say Nobu exceed all expectations!
(Except maybe the interior which is a bit outdated)
So let me tell you what we ate: For starters we shared mixed tempura (avocado tempura was delicious), absolutely outstanding yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno a very nice sashimi salad with matsuhisa dressing and new style sashimi.
For main courses we had the Kobe beef toban yaki for uwe and andrew, mad good rock shrimp, miso cod and a mixture of sushi including salmon skin and japanese eel.
With all this we drank lovely warm sake.

beer icecream

And then dessert, the menu had so many fantastic things on it we could hardly decide. Luckily we were 5 so we could almost taste every dessert on the menu.
We had:
Bento Box – Warm valrohna souffle cake with shiso syrup, white chocolate sauce and green tea ice cream
Nobu beer ice cream parfait – bittersweet valrohna chocolate sauce and almond praline
Chocolate mousse, peanut butter cream, caramelized banana and miso peanut butter caramel
Pineapple Trio – Pineapple cake with wasabi ice cream, pineappe coconut rice pudding with rice cluster and vanilla bean roasted pinapple with sake zabaione.

Most of the dishes cost around 10 to 20 dollars so it is not overly expensive.

All in all a fantastic dinner – thank you uwe!