Month: August 2008

marinade paprika japanese style

marinade paprika japanese style -和風パプリカマリネ- paprika, ginger, garlic, soya souce, sake, vinegar and sugar. backed paprika in oven and peel the skin. marinate and chilled in a fridge. 

The art of Risotto

Talking about risotto: Risotto is probably my favourite dish. We have it at least once a week. I have to say I’m mighty proud on my risotto, I would even say I do one of the best risottos 🙂 Then again the it’s based on…


  from left : shiitake, cabbage+chinese chive and meat 4~5 hours defrost in room temperature. ready to bake! baked gyoza -餃子- cabbage (asian one or Chinese cabbage (白菜/chinakohl)), chinese chive (ニラ), minced meat (mixed with p+b), Shiitake (しいたけ), miso, soya sauce, sake (酒), sesami oil, pepper, salt, garlic…

One of my favorites: vietnamese spring rolls

A simple but delicious dish. One you can be creative. Today I filled them with lime and sugar marinated prawns, thai basil, cilantro, mint and rice noodles. Serve them with Nuoc Cham and peanut-butter sauce. Today I did an easy version of the peanut-butter sauce…

celery with miso sauce

 celery with miso sauce -セロリのミソ炒め- Haccho miso or Red miso(八丁味噌), sesami(ゴマ), Katsuobushi(かつお節/dried bonito) and salt. recipe is from friend who i met in canada. i didn’t like celery at that time, but even i could try it and love it.

salad Udon

  salad udon with sesami sauce -サラダうどん ゴマソース- sesami sauce :  sasami paste, Mirin(みりん), Soya sauce(醤油), sugar and Dashi(だし/japanese fish soup). udon(うどん/japanese noodle), egg(卵焼き/baked and cut thinly), breast meat of chicken(ささみの酒蒸し/steamd with sake and salt), ham, sweet corn, cucumber, and  tomato.  cold or warm, oishii.