Asparagus soup


Can you actually imaging to puree fresh asparagus? This delicious vegetable is way to precious to treat this way, no?¬† Well I actually did. We have asparagus in our garden and at the moment I almost don’t know what to do with them. I gave away plenty ate even more and still there so many.

So yesterday I did it, I came home with a bunch of freshly cut asparagus determined to make a soup.

1 spring onion finely sliced

1 glove of garlic finely sliced

8 asparagus peeled at the bottom and cut into pices ( keep the cone end aside)

1 laurel leaf

1 dl white vine

salt and pepper

olive oil

whipped cream

Sauté the spring onion and garlic. Add the asparagus bits. Add the wine and 3/4 liter good vegetable broth.

Cook for 20 minutes. Meanwhile cook the cones.

Blend the asparagus with the broth and season.

Serve with the cream and the cones on top.