Author: mayumi

food report from jp

  bamboo + seaweed NIKUMAN – steamed stuffed meat. similar to dampling HAMO Oshi Zushi – hamo : like eel from the sea Unagi donburi – Unagi is eel Kakiage tempura

our dinner

dinner today -我が家の夜ご飯- takikomi gohan (cooked with rice, vegetables, chicken and dashi ), dashimaki tamago (japanese omlet with cooked radish and carrot) and sauted zucchini with soya, butter and dried bonito. served with miso soup or clear japanese soup (osumashi).

Chawan mushi

 chawan mushi -茶碗蒸し- mix egg and dashi well and steam. with maschroom and shrimp Ankake sauce. (thickened with powdered kuzu) make cold body warm.

baked pumpkin

baked pumpkin with garlic -かぼちゃとニンニクのオリーブオイル焼き- japanese pumpkin “Hokkaido”, simple is best. baked with garlic and olive oil, then salt and pepper. very sweet, it taste like marron. buy at market and try!