Whale Island Chard

Today Kevin cooked one of his best dinners ever – spicy tuna with chard and rice.

The recipe: Marinate the tuna fish in a mixture of: – soya sauce – fresh grated ginger – dried chillies – juice of half a lime Whale Island Chard: – a bunch of chard – 2 small fresh chillies chopped and de-seeded – 3 garlic cloves thinly sliced – 2 tangerine – 3 bay leaves – 1 whole cucumber – fresh ginger root – whole cinnamon – brown sugar – lime Chop some stalks of chard in slices. Chop cucumber into dices and peel and separate the tangerines. In a bowl, combine the bay leaves, the cinnamon, the leftovers of the ginger root (see picture), half teaspoon fine sea salt, and one table spoon brown sugar. Add the juice of half a lime. Pour 2 dl of boiling water into the bowl and stir until the sugar dissolves. Let sit for a while. You’ll need the following spice: – black and white sesame – blue poppy seeds – sea salt – wasabi – nori – kombu & sea lettuce flakes – chillies – orange zest (or buy the mixture «zen garden» rub from www.capeherb.com – it’s what we use and it’s a fantastic spice. In Switzerland it’s available from «Globus» stores) Heat frying pan with 3 tbs sunflower or canola oil for the Vegetable. Fry chopped chillies and garlic briefly , add spice mixture. Stir and add chard. Keep stirring on high heat wok-style for a few minutes, so the vegetable stays crunchy. At the same time heat a grill pan with 3 tbs of the same oil for the tuna. Fry the tuna for one minute on each side, so the middle stays raw. When one side of the tuna is done, add the cucumber and tangerine to the chard, stir for a minute or two and serve. Plain rice complements this menu well.

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