Kitchen confession No 1: Pans


I don’t know about you but I have several kitchen secrets that I’m a bit ashamed of.

Today I’m going to reveal one of them:

I own 18 pans

copper pans

A huge stainless steel spaghetti pan

3 smaller stainless stee ones for pasta, milk ete.

1 durotherm pressure cooker

1 cast iron Le Creuset Pot for sew and mussles

3 easy tevlon frying pans, a big and a small one and one with creasing.

1 cast iron frying pan I hardly use because we don’t eat meat

1 peruian black clay pot for vegetable stew and tagine

3 copper saucieres

1 copper pan

2 copper “frying” pans

1 small copper pan for sauces and reductions

mad no?

For my defense I must say that I did not plan to have so many copper pans. I bought one big sauciere years ago in france. No kitchen is perfect without a copper pan. Nothing is better to cook risotto, stews, vegetables – in fact everything. If you have not cooked with Copper Cookware before, you’ll be amazed by how quickly and evenly the pan heats up. This same property allows the pan to respond just as quickly to a reduced temperature setting if the pan is too hot, which is of particular importance when making delicate sauces. Well I got hooked. Only some weeks after I bought my second copper pan in france (it’s way to expensive here in switzerland and you don’t get nice ones) I found 4 hardly ever used copper pans at a secondhand store and of course I had to buy them. I only paid 10 francs for all of them.