I have a queue of things I want to do that lasts to Afrika. On the list is lot’s of weeding but also planting as important things as soybeans, imagine picking your own edamame in your garden! Then comes lot’s of cooking and baking I have some new cookbooks I haven’t even touched. And then there’s less interesting things like washing our down jackets or cleaning the cellar.

There’s a week of holidays coming up and eventually I manage to make a few of these things.

The start make these little fellows – Financiers. A chocolate pastry perfect for tea time.

I always buy them from sprüngli in Zürich.

I came across this recipe in Pierre Hermé’s cookbook “Chocolate Desserts” . There’s plenty of other nice things I crave to try in the book but most of them way more complicated than these sweeties.

100 gr bittersweet chocolate ( 70% or more )finely chopped

3 large eggs at room temperature

125 gr sugar

100 gr finely ground almond powder

125 gr soft butter

100 gr tepid water

50 all- purpose flower



Melt the chocolate in a bow over simmering water (without touching the water). Let it cool down a little bit. Meanwhile  mix the almonds, eggs and sugar on medium speed until the color of the mixture tunes pale. Add the butter and mix an low speed. Add the chocolate and mix to blend. Add the water and mix on medium speed till incorporated. Fold in the flour.

Grease and dust the boat shaped financier molds. ( Size: The should hold approx. 3 tbs water ) Bake in the preheated oven 180° for 17 min. Let them cool on a rack for 3 minutes, then run a knife around the edges and carefully take out the financiers.

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