Spaghetti with fave and barba di fratte


It’s hard to say which is my favorite time of the year vegetable wise. But spring is just so exciting. Suddenly all this lovely bright green veggies start to turn up again. What you don’t get on the market here are the typically spring veggies like fave – my all time favourite and barba di fratte. I always plant my own fave in the garden but this year it does not not look like it’s going to be a good fave year. Only half of the seeds germinated and the cold may did not do them a favor either. Luckily we have a italian wholesale shop ( who also retails) more or less around the corner and they sell every possible italian speciality.

I spend my days in the garden at the moment ( garden holidays this is called ) an have no time for big cooking.

Spaghetti with fave and barba di fratte is a fast and delicious dinner.

20 pods of fave

A bunch of barba di fratte quartered

1/4 lemon zested

1/3 feta cheese crumbled

good olive oil

salt and pepper

Bring a big pot of saltwater to boil

Take the fave out of the pads and blanch for 4 minutes. Take of the skin.

Cook the spaghetti in the salt water after 3 minutes ad the barba di fratte, when done drain

In a large sauce pan, combine all the ingredients and season with salt and pepper.