A glimpse into our kitchen


January february are traditionally the quiet months here on coeur de sel. There are several reasons for this, first off, after all this christmas cooking it’s time to take it easy, I’m usually a bit fed up with cooking I have to admit and I’m starting to run out of ideas of what to cook with winter vegetables too. I dream of spring onions and broad beans and baby carrots. But its also the time when I have to travel a lot for my job and have no time for cooking.

To make up for the silence around here I like to show you a glimpse of the coeur de sel workspace , we did a bit of renovation. As I said before we rent our flat so we can only do minor changes. Beside the new tiles, we flattened the abrasion walls, painted the ugly wooden ceiling and made new shelves.


new shelves


the wall


my love – the 20 year old Pavoni


blogging workspace

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