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Yesterday my copy of GATHER has arrived and it’s as beautiful as I hoped it would be.
Stunning food photography, interesting reads and recipes that sound rather interesting.
I will have to wait to try the shaved asparagus salad with poached egg till next spring and I’m also to late for the grilled bread with ricotta and peas  so I’ll probably start with the gazpacho water.

Gather Journal, a new bi-annual recipe-driven food publication devoted not just to cooking and eating, but to what those acts inspire: the bringing of people together. You will find lushly imagined photography from some of the country’s most esteemed food photographers and fun, insightful writing. Each issue is divided into chapters, much like a meal—amuse bouches, starters, mains, and desserts—along with regular special features, from studied examinations of ingredients to whimsical essays about memorable eating experiences.

GATHER  was launches by ywo former fashion editors . NYLON veterans Fiorella Valdesolo and Michele Outland had long planned on bringing their shared aesthetic to a new style magazine before deciding to tackle something new and unfamiliar. They put together the bi-annual food and recipe journal, called Gather, in less than three months.

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